Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Change We Can Relieve Ourselves In

As I sit here watching Obama's democrat primary "victory" speech, I am astonished by the applause and cheers to comments that mean absolutely nothing.

As the audience shouts "Yes we can," I wonder if they know what they propose it is that they can do. Oh wait, I forgot... Change, right? They're going to bring the "right" change, or "change we can believe in," or "change to Washington."

Obama makes the same misleading statements over and over again.

"McCain is a 3rd Bush term" -- this is ridiculous. McCain and Bush practically hate one another, and McCain is best known for pissing off Republicans as a "maverick."

"McCain wants a 100-year war in Iraq" -- Mac actually wants to do the job the right way (the way we should have done in Vietnam before retreating), scaling down the forces as the circumstances dictate, and eventually reducing the presence to that of what we have in Japan or South Korea. A presence of 20,000-30,000 soldiers at a base, who will not be actively fighting or taking casualties.

These are just a coupe examples. I'd add more, but frankly I get upset just repeating them, and I have some work to do.

By the way, nowhere in these speeches does Obama say what the heck he plans to do about any of the problems facing this country. When he does offer up a plan, it's usually a plainly stupid one. And he responds to criticism by tweaking his answer.

Case in point: One of the primary ways he separated himself from Hillary Clinton in the primary was by vowing to meet with our enemies and the leaders of nations that openly hate us "without preconditions." He was clear about it in the debates. Now, after he tied the liberals around his pinkie finger and set his sights on the general, he is saying he would go into the meetings with a strict agenda setting out



He backtracks and tries to parse his words. Do most politicians do such things? Sure they do. But they do not proclaim to be Washington outsiders, bringing a new type of politics. He is using the same old political tricks, and he is proposing many of the same old failed policies of the past: bigger government, more taxes, more regulation, higher tariffs on trade, taking advantage of the segments of the society that feel victimized and offering up benefits galore with no way to pay for them.

At first glance, it may be surprising that so many "smart people" support Obama -- college students, graduates, professors. But it actually makes a lot of sense. College students are very idealistic, thinking they can make such a big difference and change or do anything. The gobble up this "change" message like one of my dogs when I toss them some cheese. And many graduates and professors are in the most liberal block of the democrat party.

Update: Obama just said in his speech that we will look back on history and say that "this was the moment when we decided we would provide for the sick." Right, because before the Dems named Obama their candidate, nobody has cared about sick people.

I am stupefied by how many people chant and cheer along to the empty rhetoric.

And as poor as the political environment has been for Republicans lately, I am anxious to get into the general election debates, where Obama cannot hide from these questions anymore. Let's see if he can withstand the Republican "political machine" and the Mac attack.

Obama's message is like a toilet, and the GOP will do to the former what most people do on the latter, post-Taco Bell.

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