Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Updates, Part Deux (that's Part 2 for you non-Frenchies)

So I recently came to the realization that I only have a few weeks left here in Spartanburg. What initially was proposed to be a long, boring summer, in which I would immerse myself in work to escape the mundane small-city life, has turned out to be a great experience that has zipped right by (sorry to end a sentence in a preposition, but I'm too lazy to re-write it). Although I admittedly have not been out and about, taking advantage of the nightlife that I have discovered along the way, I have made a number of wonderful contacts, and have been incredibly productive this summer. I have placed a few new pegs in my places-to-visit map, driving throughout the South and discovering a few famous places along the way (see my previous post on the Beacon, for example).

Yesterday, we had a going-away reception for one of the attorneys. It was held at an unbecoming, local wine store, a true gem that I had not even noticed as I passed it to and from work each day. They have an excellent selection of wines from around the world, and at great prices, too. I returned this evening after work for a wine tasting, where a packed house sampled a spectrum of Spanish wines. I snagged a few bottles on my way out (pinot noir, petite syrah, and a French burgundy table wine). I started on the pinot noir, the safest of the three -- Mark West, from California. This was actually one of the most popular wines at my old restaurant gig, as a server at the Ft. Lauderdale Pan-Asian restaurant, Wild East.

Also, I have put it off long enough, but I'm getting back in the gym. Freshly motivated to regain my pre-law school bulk (when I was working out 5-6 times a week). I've always been cyclical with working out. Between my Sophomore and Junior years, I worked out like an animal. Then, during my junior year I got a girlfriend, and all that training dwindled. After I got out of college, I immediately started working a full-time job. The commute was a solid hour and change, so I often lacked the energy to keep up a routine. After some time, I discovered a Bally's nearby, then the firm packed up and moved from its Coral Gables location to downtown Miami, with no Bally's nearby (the ensuing battle to cancel my membership is a story for another day). After some time off from the weights, while working on law school applications and working a couple of part-time jobs, I joined up at the nearby Shula Athletic Club. Much like the post-Sophomore year summer, I bulked up. Then a minor time commitment called "law school" came around, and the gym has been on the backburner ever since. So, it's about time that I got back on that horse. I have SOME free time now, and as a 3L, I should be able to manage my time and keep it going hardcore for the year (at least until the bar exam and a 100-hour-per-week firm job).

Then again, I'm looking at the Fall courses, and I want to take 8 or 9 classes. Yeah, probably not gonna happen. As it is, I'm signed up for 7 of them. And I'm thinking of dropping arguably the easiest one (Employment Practices) for a personal interest, "fun" course in Securities Regulation (well, it IS what I want to practice, in part). I have to figure out what I'm doing this upcoming semester, class-wise. But all that can wait until August 21, when classes start up. I have several job fairs to attend, and a loooong list of prospective employers to whom I plan to send resumes. Gonna be a busy month.

Finally, for those of you in South Florida, let me know if you'll be around for the 4th of July weekend. I'm planning to head down the day before and to stay through the weekend. And Marta's school seems to hate its student body -- it scheduled all summer term law exams for July 5-7. Seriously? You're gonna schedule exams for the 3 days after July 4th? That's un-American. What the hell is that? In any case, my girlfriend will have her nose in a Real Estate Transactions textbook for 2/3 of my trip down to Miami. So, if any of my buddies wanna hang out, drop me a line.

Until then...

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