Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Back to Work

So, I had a pretty relaxing weekend, unpacking the rest of my stuff and getting settled in. I drove around a bit, scoping out Spartanburg and seeing what it has to offer.

One thing that immediately stood out was that everything shuts down Sunday afternoon. I went online to find a mass schedule for a nearby Catholic church, but the latest mass was at noon. Oops. Well, now I know.

Another thing that became obvious to me was the fact that I spent all my money in the move up here. Correction: my money AND the money my parents spotted me for the move. Sheesh, I can't stand being broke. I need this 3rd year of law school to zip by, so I can start racking up my billable hours! =)

Anyway, I just got back in from work a few minutes ago. I'm going to heat up a microwaveable dinner (no stove or oven, just a fridge and microwave!), kick back, and watch some of the news and political coverage. Then I need to do some more work for my research position.

By the way, I'm pretty psyched about tomorrow. I get to sit in on a shareholders' meeting at 9AM. That should be an interesting experience.

All right, I'll try to get back on here for a new post tomorrow evening.

Until then, you stay classy


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