Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Spartanburg -- Day 1

I arrived in Spartanburg last night, around midnight, where I begin my internship with the legal department at Denny's tomorrow morning. Getting in so late, I opted to stay as the cheapest option possible -- Motel 6 for $32. Lola and Guapo (shown below) came along for the trip, and they were noticeably uncomfortable with the new accommodations. But after about 20 minutes, they settled down and started playing on the bed. I did notice that the sheets and pillow cases had not been washed, or if they had, they hadn't been bleached, because there some nasty reddish-brown smudges left behind. So, grabbed some new sheets from the front desk, tuned in to Conan for his opening monologue, then I turned in for the night.

I woke up this morning at 7AM, to my obnoxious-yet-quite-effective alarm on my phone, set to the infamous "Hello Moto" ringer, where a male voice loudly says the aforementioned words, followed by some techy music for a few seconds. I have found the more obnoxious the sound, and the farther it is from the bed (so you have to get up), the more effective the alarm.

I usually shower just before going to bed, so as to avoid dirtying the sheets and getting my hair gel all over the pillow sheets. But since this was the first time I've been up this early for a couple weeks -- since my last exam at W&L this semester -- I figured I'd save my shower for the morning, as a soothing, relaxing way to ease my way into the day. Yeah, not happening. I turn the knob and a fire hose of a shower head zapped the opposite wall of the shower. I looked for a knob to adjust the straight-ahead, "fire hose" setting to more of a spray, but I came up empty-handed. I did wake me up, though.

After walking the dogs for a few minutes, I was off to check out Spartanburg, and I had a number of errands to run. First thing's first -- I had to take a preemployment drug test. It was nearby, and it only took a few minutes. Then I made a stop at the bank and was off to check out some housing that was recommended to me by a fellow W&L Law student (Patrick), who also had recommended the Denny's job to me (and subsequently interviewed me).

When I arrived at "Campus Place" -- advertised as an off-campus student housing alternative to the dorms for USC Upstate students (as well as student from other local schools), I thought I had reached the wrong destination. I saw a sign that read "Hotel Parking Lot" and thought I had made a wrong turn. But sure enough, a student unloading grocery bags from her car assured me it was the right place. Once inside the lobby, it was obvious to me that the building once was a small hotel. When I went to scope out the room, which looked like an obvious hotel room , I immediately noticed the little plastic "channel list" sitting on the nightstand. It prominently displayed "Days Inn" atop the list. Yes, this building used to be a Days Inn. That explains the little ice bucket in the room, and the cable tv channel list, and the 2 yellow phone books and bible in the nightstand drawer. However, there also is a refrigerator, microwave, and coffeemaker. Sadly, there is no kitchen in the room, but I may procure a plug-in single burner stove top at the nearby Walmart. That way, I can at least make my Cafe Bustelo in the mornings, too. American java just doesn't quite cut it after 26 years of potent Cuban coffee.

Anyway, I just received a phone call from Patrick, and I'm gonna head out for lunch with him, his wife, and his little daughter. I hope to keep up to date with my Spartanburg happenings, so be sure to check in again soon!

You stay classy, Miami (and my fellow future lawyers in Lexington)


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