Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Summer Home

After much delay, I thought I should post up some snapshots I've taken in Spartanburg. Please forgive the poor quality -- the pictures were taken with my camera phone, so they're not exactly 8 mega pixels or anything too precise.

Here are a couple shots from our luxurious Motel 6 room, when we arrived after midnight a week and a half ago. Nothing too exciting, but you can see the dogs hanging out on the crappy bed and the rest of the tiny room is visible, as well.

We stay there for 1 evening and we're gone by noon, and somehow we managed to get locked out of the room twice in that less-than-12-hour period! I left the dogs in the room early that morning, and took off to run some errands. I passed by my new job to pick up some paperwork, and then I had to go pee in a cup to prove in an annoying, but necessary, drug test. After that was out of the way, I set out to visit the first of a few potential housing arrangements. After briefly visiting with the landlord at Campus Place, right by USC Upstate, I figured the accommodations were good enough, and the location is very convenient. Most importantly, however, the rent was the cheapest of all my potential options. So, I signed the lease on the spot.

Once I got all of my stuff moved into the room, I started rearranging the furniture and tried to get the converted hotel room to feel somewhat like an apartment and bedroom. Here are the results.

Here is the king size bed that came with the place, and Lola wasted no time making my 1 pillow into a dog bed:

The stud, Guapo, immediately claimed the lazy boy recliner. I can almost hear him shouting, in his Borat voice, "King of the Castle, King of the Castle!" from the seat:

There were no closets with the place, but there was a rack with some hangers by the front door:

Notice the bathroom to the left, and the front door to the right

For non-hanging items, I was able to stash them in a drawer somewhere, or one this table by the front of the room:

And since this used to be a hotel room, there isn't a kitchen. Fortunately, the room came with a fridge, microwave, and coffeemaker. Here's my "kitchen" for the summer:

Finally, since I moved to Spartanburg for a job, it is only appropriate that I set up my "office" somehow:

Here are a couple wide shots of the room, so you can see how everything is arranged:

And this is my humble abode for the summer months. I'll be here through late July, until road trip vacation with my dad, following by a month of legal job fairs and traveling.

For now, I'm going to take advantage of this long weekend to get some work done. So, I'll be hunkered down in my "office" - see the picture above.

I hope everyone has a happy, long Memorial Day weekend. Be sure to pay your respects to the veterans.

You stay classy,


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