Thursday, May 15, 2008


So, I get to my new internship at the legal department of corporation best known for its breakfast, and all is going well. I go from office to office, meeting all my new co-workers and superiors, shaking many hands and exchanging many pleasantries. Then I make arrangements for my parking and security passes and get a short tour of certain parts of the building. After all that, I get right to work in my quasi-cubicle -- more of an artificial room than a typical cubicle.

Shortly after I get to work, I am overcome by a sudden, strong sense of exhaustion. I was quite anxious the night before, so I got to bed kind of late and had trouble sleeping. But I thought the solid 5-6 hours that I DID sleep would've sufficed. "Man, I feel so incredibly tired," I remember thinking to myself. I made several trips to 17th floor, the top floor of the building and the site of the free fountain beverage station -- serving only Coca Cola products. After downing Diet Coke and Coke Zero like my very life depended on it, I was still struggling to make it through the morning.

Around 11:30, the company had a big meeting, somewhat resembling a high school pep rally, to talk about new initiative for the upcoming summer months. They unveiled, among other things, some new breakfast ideas. As I sat there listening and watching, and thinking to myself, "Man, those items look good," I barely managed to stay awake. Since they were unveiling three initiative for May, June, and July, they chose a baseball for the event and called it their "Triple Play" plan. Going with that theme, they provided us with a baseball-themed lunch, including hot dogs, big pretzels, popcorn, and chips. The only thing missing was the beer -- which really would've sealed the deal, but probably would not do much for employee productivity!

"Oh boy, being as tired as I am, having lunch will be like the 'nail in the coffin,'" I remember thinking to myself. But I concluded that it would be difficult to make it through the rest of the day without having a bite to eat, and since I spent all my money in the move up here (gas, snacks, rent, etc.), I couldn't pass up a free meal. So, I snagged a couple hot dogs, had about half a pretzel, and a couple mini-bottles of Dasani water. As I sat at a table by a window, overlooking the Spartanburg area, I suddenly began to emerge from my sluggish state. Within minutes, my energy level soared, and I felt like I had taken a serious power nap. This was a bit confusing, since I am accustomed the post-lunch "crash" that I have experienced so many times before. Then it dawned on me... I hadn't eaten any breakfast. The last I had eaten was a delicious meal at my friend Jonathan's home the night before. So, I had gone about 18 hours without a bite to eat. No wonder I felt so weak and tired! Marta (my lovely girlfriend) constantly nags me about eating breakfast, harping on how it's the most important meal of the day -- which we've all heard many times over the years.

Thus, the irony: I struggled to stay awake and alert all morning at my new internship, working for a popular breakfast joint... all because I didn't eat breakfast.

You stay classy


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